Phoenix local search optimization

Previously reserved mostly for mom-and-pop shops, local SEO services are now benefiting all businesses. Google?s ?Pigeon? update led to an increase in the important of local SEO. This has created an emphasis on marketing for business owners everywhere, no matter the size or industry. Here?s why local SEO services have gained momentum and will most likely continue to do so in coming years:

  1. Google digs local.

    Google has shown a long record of showing preference towards newer and smaller companies. As a company, Google aims to give small businesses a chance to gain ground without having to invest a lot of money. They regularly offer free tools for business owners to help with SEO and analytics. Google also enjoys providing customers with access to brands that may not be large but are popular and more agile. This devotion is doubted to shift in coming years. Knowing that 75% of search engine users don’t scroll past the first page of results, Google and small business owners alike are striving to put small businesses within the first results.
  2. It?s good for them, too.

    Considering that almost 95% of all online experiences start with the use of a search engine, roviding more individualized results for users is Google?s way of providing good quality service to all searchers. Algorithms have allowed Google to generate results based on the users location and search history, making predictions to help with efficiency. All of this adds up to an ideal interface experience for searchers. By keeping their users happy with results, Google is guaranteeing they will use their search engine again.
  3. Mobile devices have changed the game.

    With a constant need for being connected, mobile phones and other devices have created quite the dichotomy. Users are making searches while on the go, often with hopes of an immediate solution. This means they will be guided to local shops and organizations when they search for services and products. With such a strong emphasis on having an online presence, more and more businesses are jumping onto the bandwagon. It?s nearly impossible nowadays to run a truly successful for-profit company without a strong social media standing, especially in large cities. The amount of spending for local mobile ads is expected to reach $18 billion by 2016, a huge jump from the $800 million being spent a few years ago.

Many small and large businesses are utilizing the effectiveness of local SEO and reaping the benefits of SEO. Local search optimization has changed the game and Google is here to play ball.

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