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Whether you’re a CIO, CEO, or humble IT worker looking to migrate your organization to the cloud, it’s easy to get lost along the way. Even if you know how to keep your acronyms in order — the differences between SaaS and IaaS — there are so many different cloud computing services to choose from. Then you have to decide whether you need public or private or hybrid cloud systems.
So how do you navigate through the constantly changing world of cloud computing? Especially without draining your IT budget along the way?
Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. As more private and public organizations demand access to cloud services, a new industry is forming to meet their needs. Cloud brokerage services are filling that void, and guiding clients to the other side of their cloud migration.

2015 Was the Year of the Cloud Services Brokers…

While tech savvy startups might know exactly what cloud systems work best for them, not everyone has it so easy. For instance, many public organizations and state-level agencies are still using ancient PCs and Windows operating systems, which can majorly complicate the cloud migration process. So how do you know which cloud services will work best with your existing IT technology?
That’s where cloud brokerage services come into play, helping organizations of all kinds select and bundle only the software that will work best for their needs. So too can enterprise clients benefit from these cloud consultants. While major Fortune 500 companies can negotiate the best rates for the best services, smaller companies need cloud services brokerage firms to lock in the best possible rates. As in other industries, cloud brokers benefit from buying services in bulk, then passing on those savings to their clients.
Because if you aren’t saving money by migrating to the cloud, then why bother migrating in the first place? So if you’re feeling lost as you try and select the best cloud systems available, start looking for the best cloud brokerage services instead.

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