Seo services for small business

It has never before been so easy for businesses to connect with their customer base while simultaneously making it harder for new businesses to generate attention. Information travels faster than ever today, meaning that target consumers have adapted to filter out traditional forms of advertising. Digital marketing is the new model for advertising, utilizing a combination of websites, search engine queries, and social media accounts to present the face of a company clearly and coherently to online users. To aid in this endeavor, many companies have employed local SEO companies and website consulting services to ensure that their marketing dollars are spent wisely.

Generate Attention
An attractive and easy-to-use website is just the beginning of a business’ digital enterprise. There are over 27 million pieces of online content shared every day, much of which is done through social media sites. Up to 70% of adults on social media have at least one local business linked to their account, meaning that those who aren’t connected miss out on a good portion of their potential customer base. While websites and social media pages are one way to connect with customers, generating internet traffic towards your pages is an entirely different process.

SEO Services for Small Business
Almost 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine; Google owns around 65-70% of the market share for search engines today. Up to 80% of users instinctively avoid paid advertisements in searches, instead opting for organic search results. A search engine optimization company can help to direct search engine traffic towards your business using a variety of marketing techniques, including the creation of interesting and compelling content that is optimized to interest potential customers. Local SEO companies are responsible for one of the leading generation tactics with nearly half of marketers rating it as a “very effective” marketing decision. These companies are designed with the customer in mind; they work closely with your business to ensure that your digital portfolio is ready for launch!

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