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If you’re trying to figure out how to market your business online, you have likely realized that the world of search engine optimization and digital advertising isn’t exactly an easy industry in which to succeed. At this point, you have likely spent a significant amount of time researching how to promote your business through keywords, content, high quality websites and more, only to find yourself disappointed in the results. But what if you were misinterpreting these tips and making a number of common mistakes? Would that explain your lack of success? Read on to learn how you should actually be marketing your company to start seeing some results!

Choose Your Keywords Carefully
When it comes time to choose keywords for your website, many businesses think that the clear choice is to select the most common terms and phrases, which they believe will draw the highest number of searches. While this is true, it also puts a website into competition with every other company that offers similar services and products, especially those with bigger SEO budgets. For this reason, the best SEO agencies typically recommend that their clients dedicate a lot of time to keyword research to help find the best long-tail keywords, which are longer and less popular but more effective. These keywords make it more likely that your website will rank highly in search engine results while also increasing the likelihood that you will make a sale.

Avoid Bad Link Building
If you have spent any time reading up on the current state of SEO, you have likely heard that Google’s 2014 Penguin and Panda updates placed more emphasis on quality link-building. This means that automated link building software, large scale article marketing, large scale blog commenting, weak links, questionable links from other sites, and more will work against you, not for you. If you have done these things in the past, now is the time to start cleaning up your links.

Post Only Great, Well-Written Content
As a user, you likely don’t want to read poorly-written content. Search engines like Google know this and accordingly treat bad content as a sign of a low-quality website. To keep these webpages out of their results, they employ a number of to detect these articles, including automatic services and manual reviewers, meaning that even if bad content passes one half of their checks, it won’t pass the other. To keep yourself from being penalized, make sure you’re writing interesting, engaging, well-written content that uses a minimum number of keywords. If you’re having trouble accomplishing this, consider hiring affordable SEO companies in your area that offer content production and marketing services.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of the industry, it can be difficult for people and businesses to know the best way to market themselves through SEO and other digital advertising techniques. For this reason, affordable SEO companies are often extremely helpful when it comes to avoiding common mistakes and creating effective marketing campaigns. Research affordable SEO companies in your area today and see if they can help you and your website thrive. Good references.

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