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Our computers play a very central role in our lives. Some of us hop on to our computers to connect with friends and family on Facebook, while others use it to game. Others still use their custom made computer to work from home. In short, without our computers, our lives would be quite limited in this Age of Technology.

Just like anything you use a lot, your computer will likely have some sort of a breakdown, whether that means having to replace a hard drive or a stick of RAM. Unless you consider yourself to be something of a techie, chances are that the notion of doing your own computer repair work is just too daunting. That’s why finding a reliable IT management and support team with local computer services is so important.

That being said, IBIS World reports that there are nearly 60,000 computer services in the United States. How can you possibly tell the good from the bad? Start with these tips.

How to Tell the Best Computer Services from the Worst

  1. Use a Reliable Online Review Service
  2. For Anvisoft, an anti-virus software company, one of the best ways to find reputable computer services is by consulting reputable online review services. Yelp, for example, is known for reliable reviews, while somehow managing to escape the vitriol infused rants that are all too common on these platforms. A great review can tell you about price, customer service, and time to completion.

  3. Ask a Friend for a Referral
  4. As with any other service, if you want to find a great computer repair team, you should ask someone who has needed their services recently. Do you know a friend or family member who recently dealt with some computer trouble? Ask them who they used and if they liked them. Doing so, you can help yourself make a better decision.

  5. Question the IT Support Service Until You’re Blue in the Face
  6. You have to be an active part of the process. Before you give your machine to a service to be worked on, you need to be sure you’re asking all the important questions. What sort of guarantees do you offer? When will I get this back? Do any of your technicians have a degree in computer science? With a little investigation, you’ll have no trouble choosing a great company.

Do you run a network repair or other type of computer repair service? What do you think the best computer services do differently from the rest? Let us know in the comment section below. Read more like this:

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