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Did you know that, according to eMarketer, web surfers are expected to spend $1.5 trillion on goods and services purchased online by the end of 2014? As the worldwide web has begun to travel with is everywhere we go on new age mobile devices, consumers are increasingly turning to these devices for convenient, carefree shopping, wherever they are.

While your products certainly play a vital role in the success of your business online, professional website design that uses top eCommerce solutions is equally important, as any small business web design company can tell you. If your eCommerce website is struggling to generate new revenue for your company, here are four simple ways you can make your custom eCommerce solutions more effective.

Four Simple Tips for Improving Your Custom eCommerce Solutions

  1. eCommerce Web Design Should Be Focused on Your Customers
  2. As MOZ writes, there is nothing more important to the success of your eCommerce website than placing the adequate amount of focus on your customers’ experience. Your eCommerce website needs to make it easy for customers to sort through your products, find what they’re looking for, get in, get out, and get the product they’ve purchased without a fuss. If you make it overly difficult to shop on your site, well, chances are you’re not going to be making many sales.

  3. Custom eCommerce Solutions Using Imagery Sell Products
  4. For Shopify, a popular online guide to building better eCommerce websites, selling products online is all about the imagery. This includes everything from the background your homepage uses to the showcase photographs you use to market your products. There is one rule you can follow to really get customers interested: no stock photography. Custom, high quality photography allows customers to get excited about your brand and your products.

  5. Audit Your Website Marketing Strategies as Customers Would
  6. Too many businesses make the mistake of building a website with only their point of view in mind. Sure, your page looks completely functional and well designed from your perspective. Sure, there are ways for customers to get to your products, make wish lists, and save items in their shopping carts, but that shouldn’t be confused with your site being great for customers. Get into the mind of your customers and audit your page. Does your website objectively look like something a reputable company would use? Are return policies adequately explained onsite? Ask yourself these questions to build a better page.

  7. Build a Better Search Bar
  8. As KissMetrics so aptly points out, your search bar can either make or break your eCommerce website. In general, you’ll want to make it so it doesn’t blend too well into your page — that’s web design 101. However, the key to a great search bar is intelligence. Plain text searches are very rarely used anymore, as customers have begun to favor semantic-friendly search methods. According to Retail Integration Online, sites using semantic-friendly search bars have 2% shopping cart abandonment. Those sites using plain text searches see shopping carts abandoned 40% of the time. Make your search bar smarter to improve your sales.

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