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How Can You Benefit from Using Managed IT Services? Three Facts

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Did you know that a 2009 survey of IT executives conducted by Forrester Research found that 37% of small and medium sized businesses have used outsourced or managed communication services?

It is not surprising that many businesses have come to rely on more flexible solutions for communication and technology. Not only are there structural benefits to outsourcing, but it is usually more affordable as well. Not sure if managed services are the right choice for your company? Here are three facts that can help you decide.

1. Limited Resources

If you run a small business, you know that financial resources for purchasing new equipment, software, or even just hiring more employees is often limited. If you were to host a website yourself, for example, you would need to invest in ongoing eq

Five Facts you Need to Know Before Hiring a Web Designer

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If you run a website, then you probably already know how vital great web design is. Hiring web design services or someone to do custom web design is one of the best ways that you can ensure that anyone who wants to view your website has a great experience no matter what kind of device they are using. Here are a few facts that you should know before you decide to hire a new professional web designer.

1. ContentPLUS recently reported that blogs are 63 percent more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines since most readers see them as more trust worthy since they are written by an allegedly independent observer.

2. HubSpot reports that companies see an astounding 55 percent increase to their leads when they increas

Optimize Your Website to Attract Mobile Shoppers

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In 2012 alone, there was more than six billion dollars spent on mobile marketing around the world. While that number might seem too high, the reality is that more and more consumers are using their mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, instead of PCs and laptops to go online. In fact, three quarters of emails, 60% of Facebook posts, and 90% of Tweets are viewed or posted from mobile devices. This means that, if businesses want to increase visibility and attract new customers, they will need to develop mobile optimized websites that can be seen from any device.

There are a number of different specialized services that the best professional web design companies can offer. That