Why Micro Data Centers Can Mean Big Things For Your Business

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In a crowded digital marketplace, businesses need to do everything they can to stand out from the competition while streamlining their operations. For organizations that rely on data center servers to deliver their services to consumers, it’s often been difficult to balance these two essential tasks. But with a micro modular data center, it’s possible to promote efficiency and savings on all levels. Let’s take a closer look at the not-so-small benefits of micro data centers and why you might want to consider utilizing them for your business.

What is a Micro Data Center?

Firstly, let’s talk about what micro modular data centers are. They’re basically a self-contained and smaller version of the kind of data center we’re used to seeing. They’re able to do everything a traditional data center can do — but better. These data center containers are more versatile and allow for greater productivity than other options because they can easily be deployed to remote locations or used in conjunction with other infrastructure. Essentially, they’re a more modern and desirable update of the data centers businesses need for computing purposes.

How Micro Data Centers Can Help Your Business Succeed

  • They’re Scaleable: With traditional data centers, you’re forced to make a significant investment up front and commit to both a long-term location and a definitive type of structure. But mobile data center containers are, as their name suggests, movable. This provides greater flexibility for businesses as their needs evolve. In addition, these centers are also modular, meaning that you can easily make changes to the facility as required. Instead of feeling limited by your data center, you can feel confident that it can be modified and moved if needed.
  • They’re Efficient: Keep in mind that data centers that are more than seven years old are considered to be out-of-date, as per green computing norms. Not only are micro modular data centers much newer, but they’re also more efficient in almost every way. For one thing, they’re cost-efficient, meaning that they come with much lower overhead and won’t require the substantial investment you’d typically need to make in order to build or convert a traditional data center. These data centers are also faster to make and faster to install, which means that your organization won’t have to endure costly delays prior to getting this center up and running. Finally, they’re also more energy efficient, particularly when it comes to having a containerized immersion cooling system. Rather than relying on expensive and inefficient air cooling methods, using a mobile data center container setup will allow you to make your operational processes much greener and subsequently reduce your business’s carbon footprint.
  • They’re Reliable: Ultimately, micro modular data centers are also more reliable than what you’ll find with a traditional data center. Organizations are looking for ways to reduce data processing and storage latencies, a fact that has led to a surge in micro modular data center adoption. When businesses have a need to provide data and services to consumers in remote areas, this is the most dependable option. Because these data centers are able to provide speed and reliability, businesses are able to obtain more stable services and an overall higher quality of processing.

If you’re considering making the switch to a micro modular data center or have already taken the steps to do so, you’ll need a more efficient way to cool your data center servers. For more information on how to increase server performance with liquid immersion cooling, please contact us today.

The Many Details of Full Lifecycle API Management

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API is the application programming interface that any web developer may use to start the production of software or a program. Any number of items may be included in API management or the full lifecycle API from subroutine definitions, communication protocols, and tools for building software or programs. No matter what, with full lifecycle API management there is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between the components of the developed program.

Different Tools Included in API Lifecycle Management

Considering the number of web APIs that may be created and developed, there are usage policies, controlled access, subscriptions, communities, and usage statistics. Performance is also reported throughout full lifecycle API management, with all of the tools that are included in its use. Some of these tools include the following:

  • API Management Platforms
  • API Management Tools
  • Build Microservices
  • Build APIs
  • Hybrid Integrati

What Is the Longest Your Home Has Ever Been Without Power?

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As many communities throughout the midwest work to recover after the floods last month, it should come as no surprise that power companies, transformer test instruments, and other testing energy meters are being used. Once these communities are able to restore the power and get access to a clean water source people will be able to get their lives back.
Basic power plants produce three different phases of air conditioning power simultaneously, with the three phases that offset 120 degrees from each other. There are four wires coming out of every power plant: a neutral or ground common that connect to the three phases. In some parts of the midwest where the temperatures soared to the upper 80s many of these flood victims are desperate for a normal life.
Energy Meter Testing Equipment Plays Important Roles in Disaster Recovery Efforts