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    How Computerized Tomography Affects Our Daily Lives

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    Nde testing

    Computerized tomography (CT or CAT–A for “axial”) scanning was one of the biggest medical technology breakthroughs of the 20th century.. Many people have become familiar with the term CAT scan through film and popular television shows dealing with medicine. Far fewer people, however, understand what this technology is good for and how it works. CT technology has also become useful for fields other than medicine. This article is here to lend some transparency (if you will) to computerized tomography technology and its several uses.

    X-ray Inspection

    Before delving into the CT process, it’s helpful to know that at its heart lies x-ray capture technology. If you frequent the dentist regularly or have broken a bone, chances are you’re somewhat familiar with an X-ray machine. X-radiation refers to a for