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    Why Local SEO Services Are More Important than Ever

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    Phoenix local search optimization

    Previously reserved mostly for mom-and-pop shops, local SEO services are now benefiting all businesses. Google?s ?Pigeon? update led to an increase in the important of local SEO. This has created an emphasis on marketing for business owners everywhere, no matter the size or industry. Here?s why local SEO services have gained momentum and will most likely continue to do so in coming years:

    1. Google digs local.

      Google has shown a long record of showing preference towards newer and smaller companies. As a company, Google aims to give small businesses a chance to gain ground without having to invest a lot of money. They regularly offer

    Your Internet Connection Might be In the Last Century

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    Lightning cables

    If you were to compare a spool of bulk fiber optic cable and cat5e or cat6 Ethernet cable, on first glance you might not find much difference aesthetically, but inside of there is significant contrast in technology and capacity. Granted, fiber optic cables are touted as the brand new thing, offering faster information speeds, but what many people may not know is that newer isn’t always necessary for every consumer. Below you will find information about both technologies so you can make an informed choice when choosing between Ethernet cables or fiber optic cables for your networking needs.

    Ethernet Cables

    Ethernet technology has been around since t