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    Google’s Vice President for Technical Infrastructure Predicts Big Changes for the Cloud

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    Cloud computing is a huge industry, with some of the world’s largest and most innovative technology companies fighting for a piece of this growing service. Recently, Amazon and Microsoft became the most prominent names in the business after they released their quarterly reports, which revealed their cloud services to be worth several billion dollars. However, their fellow cloud competitor Google seems determined to prove that the cloud is still anyone’s game: the company’s Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure, Urs Hölzle, recently made some predictions about the future of this influential technology that have drawn some attention back to Google and caused many to wonder how the cloud will adapt.

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    Three New IT Systems That Will Define Successful Businesses in 2015

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    If you were to give a name to the one thing that defines business success in the 21st century, what would it be? Great customer service will always be essential to a successful, thriving business, and high quality, easily available products will be equally important. That said, it’s something that helps improve upon both of those things that will define whether or not a business will survive or die in 2015: technology.

    Technology plays a number of crucial roles in today’s interconnected world. According to eMarketer, more than $1.5 trillion will be spent on goods and services purchased online in 2015. Without taking advantage of the latest technology and offering an easy to use website, your business won’t see a penny from that potentially monstrous revenue source. SecurityWeek r