Want Your Business to be Recognized? Want Increased Revenue? Partner Up With an Ad Agency

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    These days, sales and marketing are everything. Without the right branding, logos, social media attention, and target audiences in place, it’s hard to have your product or services reach the right kind of people and in enough numbers to matter. So what can you do if you feel your business needs a little extra boost? Working with advertising agencies could be the answer in your case! Although some might scoff at the idea of an advertising agency making a significant difference, these agencies are doing far more than just putting up posters or sending out emails. Indeed, Google gets around 95% of its total revenue from advertising and in 2014, over $170 billion were spent on advertising — some of this certainly the work of advertising agencies. Advertising agencies work on everything from strategic bran

    Why Housekeeping Might Be Cleaning You Out of More Than Your Laundry

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    It’s almost like magic. You leave your hotel room only to return and find everything in its right place. Your bed is made with clean sheets, the bathroom towels have been replaced and folded and any refuse that may have been scattered about the room is cleaned away. Many times we take for granted the house cleaning services provided by hotels. Usually the only time we seem to notice the industrious workers pushing the laundry trucks up and down the hotel corridors is when we need extra towels or toiletries. The other times in which we are more aware of housekeeping is when something goes awry with the cleaning. There is an old saying that nobody pays attention to what you do right, only what you do wro

    6 SEO Tips to Make Your Website Fantastic

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    Americans are changing the way they access information on the web. In 2014, they used smart phones and tablets more than personal computers for the first time. That is trend that will only grow. One quarter of all search engine searches are now conducted on a mobile device now. Still more than 90% of internet visits start with a search engine so regardless of the device people are using to access the web, good search engine optimization (SEO) remains an important part of anyone’s online marketing strategy. That is why so many companies turn to SEO expert services to help them maximize their web presence.

    1. Get your business onto Google. They will let you create what they call, “Google My Business” account. It allows more people to find you on the web. Make sure you update it wi