In the video above, a reporter addresses a common question: how does a laser radar gun work? The reporter distinguishes between two types of radar technology currently in use – regular radar and laser radar. The latter, based on laser technology, is noted for its precision, capable of measuring vehicle speed accurately from hundreds of feet away. The laser radar can be directed at the front of a license plate to determine the speed of a vehicle.

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On the other hand, regular radar employs frequency-based calculations to determine a vehicle’s speed.

The reporter highlights the versatility of radar technology in measuring vehicle speed under various conditions. He briefly touches on the stationary use of radar guns by officers and the dynamic measurement when a patrol car is moving in one direction while tracking the speed of an oncoming vehicle. Despite the complexity of these machines, the reporter emphasizes their effectiveness, acknowledging the time constraints.

While the reporter acknowledges the complexity of radar technology, he expresses confidence in its functionality. This reassurance suggests that law enforcement agencies invest in reliable and efficient radar systems, emphasizing their commitment to employing tools that contribute to maintaining a safe and regulated traffic environment. Overall, the information presented in the video offers a concise yet informative overview of radar technology.


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