Did you know that about 8,000 new homeowners associations (HOAs) form each year in the United States? HOAs are common among tight-knight neighborhoods throughout the country, and they often provide many benefits to residents.

If you’re in charge of kick-starting an HOA in your neighborhood, it’s important to keep technology in mind. Creating an HOA website that provides plenty of information is going to be very important when it comes to informing members of new information and events occurring in your area. To ensure your HOA website is navigable, consider layout.

The video below provides an overview of why website layout is important and offers some tips to ensure your website looks fantastic as well.

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The layout is going to be important for your HOA website because people of all ages will be accessing this website. You may have HOA members in their 70s, 20s, 40s, and so on. This means that every member has a different technological background.

Keeping the layout consistent on your site will make it easy for everyone to find the information they need! For example, label the menu on your website with terms that make the most sense, like “FAQs,” “About,” “Documents,” “News,” and so on.

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