Hotel property management systems vendors

Property management systems are cloud-based hotel management systems that offer a one-stop solution for all administrative and logistical tasks for hotels and similar properties. PMS have a number of advantages, replacing the old and cumbersome paper records with accurate and efficient record-keeping, scheduling, and task and personnel management. Streamlining all operating systems also goes a long way towards improving customer service and client loyalty.

What is hospitality management software?
The best hotel software systems take over all administrative, logistical and customer service tasks. These would have been previously handled in different settings such as the den desk, kitchen, maintenance and reservations. They also allow customers to make reservations, check in and control room conditions like temperatures, lighting and music.
PMS systems are used in the management of properties, equipment, maintenance, legalities and personnel. Such tasks would previously have been handled by different departments, via paper records – a cumbersome procedure liable to mistakes and delays. With PMS systems, all of this is done through hospitality management software, which is a single piece of software. Locating the software in the cloud adds to its capacities, flexibility and efficiency. Such PMS systems are offered on a software-as-a-service model.

What do PMS systems do?
PMS systems offer a smooth customer service experience, from reservations to check-in to room service. Many systems now include services like Alexa which can be used to control room temperature, lighting and music and other electronic devices. This raises the customer service experience to a new level.
Besides enhancing the guest experience, cloud-based hotel management systems improve overall performance through streamlining of administrative tasks. Further, these systems can be accessed from anywhere via mobile devices, giving employees flexibility as well as the means to perform their tasks efficiently. Finally, PMS systems offer real-time business analytics that can improve decision-making.

How improving customer service can pay off
In the hospitality industry, more than anywhere else, managers are aware of the importance of customer service. A good experience ensures client loyalty, while a bad one will create a negative reputation, amplified through the reach of social media. Customer research from CEB shows that nearly all, of 96%of customers, who have to make a high effort to solve a problem will feel no loyalty to that company and will switch to another company without hesitation.
The reverse is also true, and customers who have a good experience will develop a strong loyalty to the company and the brand. There are strong financial incentives for companies to improve service and customer loyalty. By building strong customer loyalty with just 5% of its customers, a business can see an overall increase of 25 to 100% in profits per customer. Customer loyalty also melds with customer needs to return to destinations. As many as 74% of travelers plan to return to locations they have visited before.

Improved customer service is just one of the many benefits of PMS Systems for hotels and their hospitality businesses. Streamlined operations and increased efficiency and accuracy also contribute to an improved revenue.

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