Computer network security peoria il

Small businesses have enough to worry about. With incomes that fluctuate easily, marketing concerns, having the supplies needed, and meeting your customers and employees needs, there already is not enough time in the day. But to have to worry about IT issues on top of it? Luckily IT consulting services specialize can help you with that. Leave your IT concerns to the professionals. Here are the top cyber safety concerns for small businesses.

1. Emails and spam go hand in hand. Where there is email, there is always going to be spam also. Some spam is relatively harmless, but some is downright dangerous. Of the 60 billion emails sent each day, 97% of them are spam. Network security is crucial to help weed out the good emails from the spam and protect your business. You don’t want some unwitting employee to actually click on that unknown document and have your whole system crash, do you? Tech support through IT service providers can help remove the spam and help get you up and running again if your system does crash.

2. Phishing doesn’t happen in lakes. Phishing happens more and more online. And it is easy to fall into their trap. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, 43% of all phishing is aimed at small businesses. These phishers think small businesses are easy prey because they don’t have the IT help that large companies have. Maybe you can’t have that expertise on your own, but you can have it. Local IT consulting services can help protect you from phishing attacks.

3. Cyber crimes happen too often. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report about 1 in 40 small businesses will be affected by cyber crimes. That number may not seem high, unless you are the 1 in 40. These crimes can steal accounting information, personal information, and even money. Protect your business from cyber crimes with your local IT consulting services.

With all the problems facing small businesses, IT problems are always a danger. What does a baker or boutique owner or dog grooming service know about IT issues? But you don’t have to know it all. Contract out IT issues to professional IT support companies. They can help protect your business from problems, like phishing and spam, and help get you back online when things go wrong. Ease your worries with IT consulting services.

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