Patient appointment reminder

It’s no secret that we’re living in an age of smart technology. Your phone can help you time a cake in the oven, schedule your week, and even help you learn new languages. But one of the most impressive and helpful things it can do is send out automated patient appointment reminders. Not sure why this is such a great addition to smart technology? Here are just a few of the many benefits this service offers.
Limit Missed Appointments
Every missed appointment at your office is lost revenue. If you add up every single no-show over the course of a year, or even over the course of a few months, you’ll end up with a pretty scary total for losses. But with automated appointment messaging services that serve the sole purpose of reminding patients of their appointments, you can kiss all of those missed appointments goodbye! Sometimes a simple reminder is all it takes for people to remember another commitment or reaffirm their appointment time.
Effective Use of Resources
Why waste time calling patients who never pick up their phone when mass patient communications and automated appointment reminder systems exist? Now, instead of dedicating all of your staff’s time to reaching out to patients, an automated service can do it all for you. This will not only take some pressure off of your staff members, it will free up their days so they can spend more time completing important tasks.
Reduce Waiting Lists
One of the best things about patient appointment reminder systems is that they allow patients the time to cancel their appointments in advance rather than skipping them with no notice. Not only does that assist with patient communication, it creates the opportunity to get more people into those unfilled time slots. Now, someone who previously couldn’t get an appointment will be able to receive treatment. And you may be surprised at just how quickly your waiting list will diminish.
We live in an age filled to the brim with technology, so why not use it? Automated appointment reminders are an excellent way to make sure your patients get the communication and care they need.

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