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We are a visual people. We learn the majority of our vital information through sight alone, even among the other senses of sound and touch, and rely on everything from color to typography to tell us what we need to do. When it comes to running a successful business or trade show, it’s essential you rely on this simple aspect of psychology to bring the most out of your customers-to-be. Printing companies are a hodgepodge of all the necessities you need to flourish in a competitive industry, providing you the tools needed to catch people’s eye and invite them over to your booth. While digital marketing has quickly risen to the forefront, traditional printing and graphics haven’t lost their staying power. When you need professional business cards or banners to help put your best foot forward, printing companies have you covered.

The Power Of The Sign

Visual communication is key. Without it you risk being passed over in favor of your competitors, undermining your entire brand and putting your future at risk for obscurity. Ongoing studies have shown customers who live within a mere five-mile radius of a business will see their sign 50 to 60 times per month. Likewise, a stunning half of all customers who enter a business for the first time do so because of their sign. Printing companies can offer banner printing services on top of trade show banner printing, able to fit your needs and in fine form.

Comparing Traditional Advertising Methods

Not all advertising techniques are the same. Some have been found to yield higher profits than others, though at the end of the day all will have their strengths and weaknesses. The value of an on-site sign has been found to be equal to 24 full-page newspaper advertisements every year. A major reason for this is how an on-site sign benefits passerbys as well as repeat customers, helping them find your trade show or business establishment in a sea of information. A single on-site sign will also cost $0.02 per one-thousand views, while 300 line newspaper ads cost $2.81 for the same amount.

Lesser-Known Customer Habits

What do customers prefer to see? This is what printing companies ask on a regular basis, all the better to provide you the resources necessary to stand out in the crowd. People have been found to be generally more engaged with printed material over digital, the latter of which is often skimmed in 15 seconds or less. One of the most common theories for this is the novelty of the printed page in a digital world, as well as the sheer effort seen when a company makes the most out of their printing press.

How To Create An Impressive Sign Or Banner

From document scanning to poster printing, printing companies can provide you any kind of service necessary to help you create the most memorable sign possible. The average American trade show visitor will spend up to nine hours viewing the different exhibits, with the average company allocating at least 30% of its total marketing budget to exhibiting across the country. One of the greatest appeals of a trade show is the human element. Nearly half of all exhibitors interviewed in a recent survey said they value the ability of meeting people face-to-face, while another half said meeting with prospective customers is their favorite element. When you need to combine the best in color theory and typography, printing companies will propel your brand to heights you never thought possible.

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