Pcb manufacturing companies

Speeding up the PCB fabrication process can be a huge asset to both the company creating PCBs and the clients receiving them. Did you know that a single automatic line can place and solder more components than 50 hand solder operators, and do it with more consistency? This is just one of many technological innovations that has made PCB fabrication that much faster.

But what about turn around time for clients? Speeding up that process is just as important, and it doesn’t always happen on the small batch PCB assembly floor. If you’re looking for ways to create faster turn around time for your prototype PCB assembly, here are a few ways you can do just that.

Provide instant online quotes to customers

The Internet is key to providing fast, accurate services to clients. If you’re not utilizing this tool to the fullest of its abilities, then you might be missing out on some great methods to decrease turn around time. If you offer instantaneous quotes online, your clients will understand that you value efficient communication and business. There are few things more important to customers than that.

Use a cloud-based manufacturing platform

As discussed previously, automation on the assembly line makes everything move faster. And the faster your technology is, the better your turn around time will be. But the distinct advantage that a cloud-based system offers is the ability to look in on that process at any time and from anywhere. So not only will your production speed increase, you’ll be able to keep better track of it as a whole.

Have you considered using turnkey PCB services?

Having a provider take care of sourcing parts is an excellent way to accomplish two things at once: saving your business money and improving turn around time for PCB orders. Turnkey services offer several services in one, which means you’ll be able to cut down on time spent on menial tasks.

These three simple tools are the keys to getting more efficient PCB production underway. They may not apply to every situation, but if you’re looking to get prototypes assembled ASAP, consider these simple tips.

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