Cat6 ethernet cable

Getting a little tired of your home entertainment system? It’s incredible the difference a larger television or more organized set-up can do for your movie binge nights or videogame excursions. Likewise, missing a charger or struggling to properly connect all your devices can leave your project collecting dust out of sheer frustration. Thankfully, learning the difference between a 500 ft Ethernet cable and a 100 ft HDMI cable isn’t out of your reach. Below are the top five tips to setting up the system of your dreams, helping you spend more time building and less time fussing!

Don’t Go Far Without The Basics

Smartphones can last for two years if you take good care of them. Did you know the iPhone 6 takes nearly two hours to charge, and the iPhone Plus two hours and a half, using the standard 12 watt USB power adapter? Switch out the 5-watt iPhone charger that ships with your phone by default to save yourself some heartache before heading out to work or school in the morning. Time is money, after all, and you want to save as much as possible when spending money on a 500 ft Ethernet cable or crossover cable for your new home entertainment system.

Stay Smart, Stay Safe

It’s not enough to buy a quality product — you have to take good care of it all days of the week. Damaged and frayed phone charger cables, as well as faulty bulk USB cables, can pose a significant fire hazard if not thrown out. The year 2008 saw electrical failures and malfunctions resulting in a whopping 54,000 home fires, causing over 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries and gathering over $1 billion in property damages. A more subtle issue that can accrue over time is bacteria.

No Germs? No Problem!

So, we know that damaged cables can pose a fire risk. Now how about the accumulation of bacteria over time? Research has found that each square inch of your cell phone has around 25,000 germs, making it dirtier than your pet’s food dish, a shoe’s sole and even a toilet seat. Thankfully, alcohol antiseptic wipes are prime for eliminating the majority of germs and getting your phone in tip-top shape once more. Be especially diligent around the cold season, when cold and flu germs spread like hotcakes!

Wasted Money Is A Myth

Don’t spend over $50 on HDMI cables. Stores can charge a great deal of money in light of giving you the ‘highest quality product possible’, but there are plenty of capable brands that can offer you reliable performances at less. There’s no need to spend an excess on longer cables, either — the length of your cat6 cables or cell phone cables doesn’t affect audio or video performance. Their primary function is just to give you more wiggle room when creating your living room set-up.

Setting Up Your System

Do you need a 500 ft Ethernet cable or cat5 cables? Well, that depends on what you’re using your entertainment system for. Are you trying to set up the ultimate movie experience, able to stream shows and films alike from a variety of sources? Or are you a gamer looking to establish secure online connections to play with your friends around the world? High speed Ethernet cables are ideal for fast connections, with crossover cables allowing you flexibility if you want to cover all your bases. The entertainment system of your dreams doesn’t have to be a lofty goal — make it a reality and shop with confidence with your newfound knowledge!

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