Learn How to Address Failed Hires With a Professional Job Placement Agency

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    Millions of workers voluntarily leave their jobs every year for a variety of reasons. At the end of June, 2015, for example, this was the case with 2.7 million individuals, many of whom were employed at the executive level. Millennials in particular are open to new job opportunities, which is why this age group has been referred to as the “Job Hopping Generation.” A 2016 Gallup poll found that six out of every ten Millennials are always ready to make a career move. This is more than any other generation to date.

    Several Factors That Contribute to Failed Hires

    Robert Half conducted a recent survey with 1,400 executives regarding the issue of failed hires. According to these executives, there were two factors besides performance issues that contributed to this situation.
    While 36% of the executives believed that a poor skills match was the primary contributing factor, 30% believed that unclear performance objectives was secondary.

    Whether failed hires occur with Mill

    5 Reasons to Hire an Outplacement Service Company

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    No business owner likes to have to lay workers off. In the first place, it usually means the business is not doing as well as it was expected to do. Usually, when businesses are doing well they grow and hire people, they do not have to downsize. In the second place, telling people you can no longer keep them on staff is not a fun thing to do. More and more companies are looking to outplacement service companies to help with the process. While it may be clear as to how these outplacement consulting firms can help the staffs, sometimes business owners do not see the benefits they will see to them. Here are some of the reasons to hire an outplacement service company.

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