Digital Marketing, Content Marketing And Social Media Which One Should I Focus On?

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    How do you even keep up with digital marketing? It seems the world at large can change on a dime, with trends coming as fast as they’re going and standards evolving practically overnight. To make matters worse, you may as well kiss your business goodbye if you’re not up to date on the latest internet marketing crazes — would-be customers and potential client bases are only growing more impatient as the market continues to be saturated with content and competitors. All is not lost, however! A little social media management or a new digital marketing campaign will go a long way in ensuring your hard work isn’t lost forever in the shuffle. Social media, search engine optimization and mobile advertising are all slices of the same pie.

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    Three Considerations for the Small Business Looking for an SEO Company

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    Seo services for small business

    Did you know that, according to eMarketer, web users are expected to spend north of $1.5 trillion on goods and services purchased online this year? With 93% of all online experiences being driven by a search engine, the number one way to tap into those ever growing eCommerce numbers is search engine optimization strategies.

    Consider, as statistics from Internet Live Stats show, the web now hosts nearly one-billion unique websites. The only way to stand out from that huge crowd is to implement the latest SEO strategies. However, what if you’re a small business owner who doesn’t have the time to spend on SEO, or, for that matter, the money to spend on hiring an in-house marketing team? Well, that’s where finding an SEO company for small businesses comes in.

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