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    Data Mining Yields Important Insights for Government and Businesses

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    Identity matching

    In the age of big data, when there is a tremendous amount of digital information available, most of it goes unanalyzed. The development of data and text analytics makes it possible to screen large amounts of data, structured and unstructured, to improve decision making. Organizations and decision makers like solution architects, software and systems engineers and project managers and tech-leads can use big data analysis to improve their organizations capabilities. What is list matching, entity resolution and other other text analytics procedures used for? They have multiple applications in the business, financial and security worlds.

    What is data mining?
    The sheer volume of digital data in existence is staggering. It will be more than 40 ZB by 2020, according to the Interna

    2 Key Benefits of Front Desk System in Hospitality Industry

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    The hotel industry is one of the most competitive and dynamic sectors in most economies. Therefore, it’s not only important but also essential for hotels to embrace best practices in ensuring quality services for their guests. Through this hotels gets to develop and bolster relationships with their visitors and further improve their communication channels.

    One key area that can ensure customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry is the front desk operations. This is the first point of interaction with guests and makes the central part of a hotel. When a customer first checks into a hotel, they expect a good first impression from the front desk staff. And once they have good exp

    How PMS Software Can Improve the Guest Experience

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    Hotel property management systems vendors

    Property management systems are cloud-based hotel management systems that offer a one-stop solution for all administrative and logistical tasks for hotels and similar properties. PMS have a number of advantages, replacing the old and cumbersome paper records with accurate and efficient record-keeping, scheduling, and task and personnel management. Streamlining all operating systems also goes a long way towards improving customer service and client loyalty.

    What is hospitality management software?
    The best hotel software systems take over all administrative, logistical and customer service tasks. These