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    Why You Should Invest in Cat 7 Cables and Get Rid of Your Old Cat 5 and 6 Cables

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    Bulk zipcord fiber optic cable

    Understanding what a Cat7 cable is, is the first step. These cables are what you use when you have to wire up your home to get everything to connect together. They are the upgrades from Cat6 cables and Cat5 cables If you have bulk Cat5e cables, you may be disappointment to find out that it’s time for you to move on up in the world. One of the best things about the Cat7 cable compared to the bulk Cat5e cables as well as the regular Cat5 and Cat6 ethernet cables is that the Cat7 cable’s twisted pairs has its own shielding. This has improved the noise resistance considerably.

    It is a little more expensive, especially if you buy bulk Cat5e cables, but these newer Cat7 cables are so much more durable