How to find SEO services for local and small businesses

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    Internet marketing for small business

    According to 54 percent of small business owners, they could use some help when it comes to improving their social media marketing skills. What many of them do not realize is that they need more than social media marketing. In order to compete, particularly locally, they need search engine optimization and online marketing. Social media is just part of both. Now, if you are among the many Rochester small business owners who lack knowledge in search engine and online marketing, here are three things to look for in a local SEO service or particularly SEO Rochester.

    First, n the study conducted by comScore qSearch, in a given month, around 4.9 million searches are conducted. This is equivalent to 1,890 searches in every second. This shows you the potential of searches and search engine results in your business. In order to compete, your customers and potential customers should be able to find you when they search for your product or service. Advertisement is not enough. 80 percent of all search engine users admitted that they generally ignore sponsored links on search engine results page. The key to reaching your market is good search engine ranking. A good way to measure the interaction and engagement of users online is the organic search engine CTR or click through rate. As such, make sure that your local SEO service can deliver good search engine ranking for your site.

    Second, make sure that the local SEO service company can provide you with good internet marketing for small business. This includes social media, business listings management and local and global internet marketing. This is very important today because in social media alone, today, what is critical to brand management is social media reputation. Without proper management of social media it is possible for minor problems to turn into public relations disasters. Business listings management includes yellow pages agency inclusion. Make sure that the SEO Rochester company or local SEO service can provide you with comprehensive online marketing Rochester NY services.

    Third, a good local SEO service is one that has been in the business of marketing for years. This is very important particularly for those who have physical locations, such as restaurant, shop or office. Despite the increasing need for online marketing, traditional marketing remains important especially for local businesses. Thus, a local SEO services that has been in the business for years means it has the connection and experience needed to provide you with your needs for traditional advertising and marketing. One example is local online and print listing. Local online listing are business listings in the city as well as being included in listing on local government sites, organizations sites and others. Print listings are listings on printed directories. A good local SEO services company therefore covers both online marketing and traditional marketing, as well as local SEO and global SEO.