5 Services to Look for When Hiring an SEO Company

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    If you are needing to increase your web presence or your visibility on search engines, hiring an SEO company might be in your best interest. There is a lot more to search engine optimization than we sometimes realize. Pay per click advertising, click through rates, search engine ratings and visibility- it all goes towards increasing the flow of traffic to your website which in turn creates sales and revenue and profit for your business. An SEO company will be able to help you with all of those things as well as being knowledgeable in some areas that you may not have thought of as important or pertinent to generating business. Here are a few t

    Three SEO Tips for Better Rank Without Getting Punished by Google

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    Two weeks ago, Google punished lyrics site Rap Genius for its spammy approach to SEO, or search engine optimization. Rap Genius had been caught in the act of encouraging bloggers to insert RG inbound links in their posts, which RG would then promote to their followers. The site made headlines when Google noticed and subsequently removed the site from search results.

    This week, Google shows that it cares more about delivering results to users, than about endlessly punishing spammers, because Rap Genius is back in search results. Not without having done the necessary work, though. Over the past two weeks, Rap Genius has had to remove thousands of spammy links that directed back to their website.

    You don’t want to spend time removing thousands of bad links in order to nullify a Google “manual action”