Attracting Guests to Book and Stay With Your Hotel

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    When it comes to running a hotel, bed and breakfast, or resort, the imperative goal of management is to attract guests. These guests might be first time visitors, those that have just found the place either through word of mouth or the internet, or they might be guests who have already stayed with the hotel. The latter are those that they location is trying to entice to return, ensuring that they had an excellent stay their first time around.

    While both first time and multiple-stay guests are the same in that they are finding, and hopefully placing reservations with, the location, they are different in their own right. As a hotel, hostel, resort or bed and breakfast manager/owner, you want to guarantee that you are doing everything in your power to entice guests to find your business and subsequently reserve a stay with it.

    There are traditional ways of going about this, but in the modern age of technology these old tactics can prove to be dated, or simply useless. Basic st