Cryotherapy For Those In Need

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    Chronic pain and skin ailments are common among adults worldwide, and around the world, it is believed that 1.5 billion people are suffering chronic pain. In the United States, about 50 million adults have arthritis, and it is estimated that 80% of people will suffer back pain sometime in their lives. For these ailments and more, there is an emerging new treatment: cryotherapy. This branch cryogenics is already taking off, and although new, several health benefits in varying areas have been observed and documented, and more may be discovered as this medical treatment matures.

    Cryogenics and Health

    Cryogenics is the storage of anything in very low temperatures, and this technology has been adapted recently for medical use. A cryogenics chamber can now house a living patient who seeks relief from pain and other ailments, and these machines can be used by nearly anyone, as long as they do not have conditions such as very high blood pressure or a pregnancy. Consulting a docto