How HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging, Email, and Communications Will Improve Our Healthcare System

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    Database virtualization

    With the growing popularity of mobile devices in recent years, it’s no wonder that technology has filled in the gaps in all aspects of our lives. One area that relies heavily on electronic data transfer and storage is the healthcare industry. In order to get the treatments that we need, our doctors and other healthcare providers need to have our information, such as medical records, available as quickly and easily as possible–meaning that waiting for records to be mailed or faxed is too slow and could cost patients a timely treatment. Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (also known as HIPAA), there are restrictions on how our information is sent and accessed electronically in order to protect our privacy.

    When HIPAA was initially conceived, the goal of the act was

    Secure Messaging Can Help You Have Better Communication

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    Secure texting

    When you work in the medical field and have an establishment to run, communication is very important. While text messaging can help you to do this more efficiently, it is also not secure, and that could lead to information much to precious being leaked. Fortunately, there are options for secure messaging that you can use within your establishment; and by doing so, you can keep all communication flowing quickly without worrying about what will happen to the data. Using secure messaging is easy, and you can find a plan without a lot of issues or research. Once you have secure messaging in place, all of the data that is sent from one phone will immediately be encrypted until it reaches another. Then, when the message is read, it is encrypted again. This way, only the people in your establishment will have access to the information.