Is Your Company in Need of Safe Excavation Shoring Designs?

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    Military portable bridge

    Every employer and contractor wants to make sure that the employees then sent out on a worksite are safe and well protected. Likewise, the companies that are charged with some of the most difficult bridge and road construction tasks want to make sure that they have everything needed in place to facilitate the efficient completion of projects both large and small. For many, safe and efficient construction work is facilitated by excavation shoring designs through the use of trench box shields, temporary road mats, and other excavation support methods.
    A June 3, 2017, New York Times article attempts to explain the new Presidential administration’s plan for rebuilding the failing infrastructure of the nation, and serves as an indication that the companies that sell and rent excavation shoring

    Important OSHA Required Shoring Excavation Requirements to Consider

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    Aluminum trench shield

    Excavations are a common technique used in construction and the build of new resources. OSHA defines an excavation as any man made cut, cavity, trench, or depression in the earth?s surface formed by earth removal. A trench, on the other hand, is defined as a narrow underground excavation that is deeper than it is wide, and is no wider than 15 feet (4.5 meters). OHSA also specifies and requires specific safety and build requirements with both excavation shoring materials and large excavation shoring methods.

    Materials used in excavation shoring
    Both excavating and trench building require the use of specific materials, mostly for safety and sturdiness. Also, depending on the type of land where Continue Reading No Comments