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    If You’re Going to Be Handling Excavations, You’ll Need to Know About Shoring

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    Modular trench shield

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website categorizes excavation as one of the most potentially hazardous construction jobs. To counteract these concerns, OSHA has clear construction propping system requirements detailing soil type in relation to shoring and propping equipment.

    Types of Shoring For Excavation: How to Keep Workers Safe.

    A construction propping system will be required for nearly all excavation operations. The main concern is the safety of the workers involved. Determining the right shoring equipment for each job comes down to understanding the classification of soil and the depth of the excavation.

    When is Construction Propping Equipment Required on a Job?

    OSHA defines an excavation as a man-made trench, depression, or cut