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    Industrial Scanning Services And How They’re Changing The World As We Know It

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    3d measurement

    In 1972, British engineer Godfrey Hounsfield of EMI Laboratories and South African physicist Allan Cormack of Tufts University created CT technology. Later awarded the Nobel Prize for their efforts, Hounsfield and Cormack did more than you’d know to change the world we live in. CT scanning equipment is obviously used to monitor our bodies, along with x-ray inspection. Each year in fact, our methods through which we keep track of our health advance — but the thing is that they aren’t simply used to check for broken bones or abnormalities. CT scanning services are now employed to keep track of security in ways you can’t imagine. But really, it makes sense: who better to detect everything from smuggled goods to security threats than 3D scanning companies and x-ray inspection services?