Reading and Analyzing Digital Data Can Help Many Companies Connect with Customers

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    Have you ever had a friend who was hard to read? Ever had a spouse whose mood swings could determine the success or failure of the day. Although humans are sometimes difficult to read, the latest artificial intelligence (AI) may be successful In fact, Facebook has recently attempted to use emotion AI to help recognize people who might be suffering from depression and showing signs of suicide. And while this particular use of emotion AI may still be in its infancy, there are many who believe that any attempt to help save a life is worthwhile.
    We live in an amazing time, and while we typically think of technology as a non emotional field, the reality is that the latest Continue Reading No Comments

    How a Network Time Clock Can Help Businesses

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    For the past 6,000 years, human beings have been using different methods and machines to try and keep track of time. This has been done for so long for one simple reason, the idea of preservation. Human beings wish to preserve time and their specific moments in time so that they have significance when moving forward over the course of history. Here are some facts on why time is so important.

    The Egyptians of ancient times were the first people to tell time. They did so by using obelisks as primitive sundials. These sundials used the sun in order to carve out an idea of how time worked and what time of the day it was. As the sun would rise and set, the sundial would cast a different shadow which helped point to the idea that time was changing during the course of the day.

    The first mechanical clocks

    Protecting a Border in the 21st Century Requires 21st Century Solutions

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    in today’s world, an enormous amount of data is produced every second. If you just look at Facebook, you can see that their 1.97 active users, put out more data each second that can be quantified. The problem is that with all that data, it is hard to sift through it all to get anything meaningful. It is for this reason that, using traditional methods, only 1% is ever actually analyzed. The good news is that there are new tools such as text mining software tools, concept extraction tools, and semantic extraction software tools that can improve that number greatly. Text mining alone can raise that from 1% to 99%, according to the International