Streaming Music Might Be the Best Thing For the Music Industry in a Decade

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    For quite some time the fate of the music industry was in question. Thanks to the advent of file sharing and digital downloads, the music industry has taken substantial hits when it comes to the sale and marketing of bands and acts. Obviously the days of the physical object(Compact Discs, Tapes, Records) being the definitive source for music are long gone. For quite some time music execs were hammering at the wall of technology trying to figure out how to be profitable again.

    While the World Hears Music Differently, Much About the Industry Stays the Same

    While Technology is making it much easier to access new artists, there are parts of the music industry that effectively stayed the same. Traditionally the label makes the most money from a music act from the sale of albums and othe

    Common IPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

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    Having your cellphone break is always a drag. There’s nothing like that sinking feeling as you watch your phone, in slow motion, fly out your hand or bag and come crashing to the floor. As you stoop to pick it up from laying face down on the floor, you can only pray that it’s going to be just fine when you turn it over. Alas, it is not. The dreaded cracks fill your screen. So, what to do now? While you can always take it to an iPhone repair company or buy some sort of professional cell phone repair services, there’s a chance that you might be able to fix some problems yourself. Some problems are a little more involved but some of them are quite ea

    Reducing High Turnover Rates When the Unemployment Rates are Low

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    When the economy is doing well, unemployment rates are lower. Lower unemployment rates mean that there are more open jobs and more of a demand for positions to be filled. Employees have more options when it comes to their choices of employment. This can present a problem for many employers. They may hire an employee, put a lot of resources into training them, and then have them leave expectantly for a better opportunity. High retention rates are common during times of low unemployment. Follow these few tips to reduce your retention rates and to improve your employee satisfaction levels.

    Utilize extensive interviewing processes Although it may seem time consuming to extend the interviewing process, this can actually ensure that the candidates you choose are likely to stay l