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    Virtual Reality Coming Soon to a Data Center Near You?

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    The future is here. Virtual reality is a reality. The prospect of a totally immersive world you can slip into at a moment’s notice is enticing to the consumer world. Video games, movies, virtual travel, and countless creative opportunities are on the horizon. VR is even being tested by pilots and the military for training new troops. With all of these complicated, stunningly detailed worlds being created, one question comes to mind. Who’s going to store it all?

    The Data Age

    The world is living through a rapid transformation from filing cabinets to data on a solid-state drive. This has been working well so far, but VR presents a real problem for data center designers. The files are too big.

    Files can generate up to a terabyte per hour, far outpacing any our current data center storage capacities. Doubly diffic

    Time Measurement Software Helps Companies Accurately Compensate Employees for the Work They Complete

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    Hiring a full staff is not the only part of successfully running a company. Just as important as finding the right talent, the best employers are also successful in getting all of their staff members to work up to their potential. And while this may be a challenge, there are many workforce management tools on the market that can help you track employee productivity and motivate them to continue working at that level. In fact, companies that make the best use of workforce management solutions find that their are able to meet their goals.
    In today’s competitive world, it is important to make sure that a company is doing everything that it can to motivate and reward employees. Fortunately, with the use of the latest version of workforce management systems and workforce management tools it is easier to manage all of the necessary aspects running.
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    The Value of IT Consulting

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    Over the course of the past ten years, we have witnessed an absolute expansion in technology. This expansion has changes how many industries conduct business and how many businesses conduct themselves in their daily operations. For instance, IT consulting is now more prominent than ever before because of the growth of technology and that is because of the importance this role plays in a business having success.

    IT support, IT consulting, and network support are all members of the same family. When these services are hired, they can help fix internet problems and general technology problems as well. So be sure to get someone talented in IT consulting for your business. Here are all of the facts on why all of the IT consulting and IT services and IT support are all so important!

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