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    Why Your POS System is at the Core of Providing Excellent Customer Service

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    Total merchant services

    It’s often been said that the customer is always right. Whether or not this is entirely true may vary depending on who you ask. Perhaps a better question to mull over is whether or not your customers are always satisfied? After all, a satisfied or happy customer is one that will continue giving your their business.

    There are many different aspects that go into providing top notch customer service, such as anticipating the needs of your customers before they express them, providing a more personalized dining or shopping experience, and well as making sure your POS equipment is up to date.

    Wait, huh?

    That’s right. In an effort to serve your customers in the best ways possible, you may have forgotten the importance of maintaining your POS equipment, this includes ensuring both yo

    5 Tips for Making the Most of Large Format Printing

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    Large format printing, also called wide format printing, offers businesses a way to make a big impact and draw in a whole new group of customers that might not have previously known the company even existed. But how can you make sure your business’ large format printing exploits pay off? Here are five tips to guide you through the process of designing, printing and hanging your sign, banner or billboard ad:

    1. Spring for Quality Printing

      Large format printing is a highly technical process, and you’re not going to be able to handle it without help. It’s worth looking at a few commercial printing companies and figuring out which ones not only have the equipment to do large