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    4 Easy Ways to Stop Losing Your Remote Controls!

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    Panasonic remote control

    On average, each household has about three remotes, and the average TV watcher will spend over two cumulative weeks looking for lost TV remote controls in their lifetime. Here are some steps you can take keep from wasting that much time:

    1. Keep it from getting lost
    Putting a piece of glowing tape on your remote can be a great way to find it, especially if it frequently falls under a couch or into a darker space. Just turn off the light and look for that glow! You can also come up with a regular home for your remote, like a specific side table or an armchair pocket organizer. Keeping your remote in one place takes a little extra discipline but it’ll save you time in the long run. Some people even attach their remotes to Velcro strips or retractable cords to keep them from straying.

    2. Look

    What Does A Fitness App Have To Do With Facebook?

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    Physical and digital designer

    Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is raising his fair share of eyebrows. Internet marketers are baffled by Zuckerberg’s string of small business takeovers, including the acquisition of messaging application WhatsApp, virtual reality headset manufacturer Oculus, and, now, fitness-tracking app, Moves. What does fitness have to do with Facebook, and what can marketers learn from Zuckerberg’s seemingly erratic actions?

    Why Fitness-Tracking App Moves?

    The application, originally developed by a small Finnish company named ProtoGeo Oy, records distances users walk, run, and jog on a daily and weekly basis. It is a free mobile application, and it’s been downloaded over 4 million times since its launch last year! “Users can also manually enter data, and Moves say

    Why Choose Between the Internet and the Real World When You Can Advertise in Both?

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    Jacksonville marketing agency

    When it comes to marketing your business, there seem to be a number of common marketing strategies that are guaranteed to help your business succeed: TV advertising statistics, for example, show that TV commercial advertising is the most common way in which Americans learn about new products and brands. Similarly, it is reported that commuters over the age of 18 spend an average of 18.5 hours in their car per week, and that two-thirds of Americans make shopping decisions in the car, making billboards an effective advertising choice. Finally, with 72% of all internet users now active on social media and over 100 billion search engine inquiries conducted internationally each month, online marketing seems like a clear marketing choice. However, with so many benefits to each advertising option, how